Cultural Diversity Tips For New Call Center Managers

Posted on: 8 October 2015

If you are a new call center manager who oversees employees from diverse backgrounds, then it is important for you to successfully integrate cultural diversity in your workplace culture with your staff. To this end, here are some tips to help you succeed with inclusion for all of your employees.

Equal Treatment of Everyone is the Corner-Stone of Workplace Cultural Inclusion

As a new manager in the call center, you need to know that the absolute most important thing you can do to promote cultural diversity in your workplace is to treat all of your employees the same regardless of their

  • age
  • appearance
  • education
  • gender
  • physical ability
  • race
  • religion

From your first day on the job, you should make the extra effort to evaluate employees based upon only their job performance, such as

  • call quotas
  • call customer service standards
  • work attendance

In addition, since your employees all work in close contact with each other in the call center, they should be encourage to continually improve their communication skills. You can accomplish this with training activities and regular shift meetings.

Let Your Employees Know You Have Zero Tolerance for Negativity Towards Others

When you meet with your employees for the first time, you should gently but firmly let them know that you have zero tolerance for harassment of other employees in the call center. While you do not want to be viewed as the new dictator-in-charge, it is vital that you are firm in your conviction that negativity towards other members of the team is never acceptable and will always be dealt with appropriately.

A positive call center environment encourages your employees to

  • work more productively
  • improve their customer service 
  • attend work as scheduled.

 Encourage Verbal Communication Often Between Team Members and Managers

Finally, even though you do not want to have team meetings that turn into long complaint sessions, you should meet with your staff on a regular basis and encourage them to speak to yourself and your other staff members about any issues that are causing them extra stress.

Some common complaints from call center workers are

  • the office environment is too cold/hot
  • other workers are not cleaning up after themselves in the break room
  • the customers are hard to hear on the phone
  • other team members talk too loudly on their calls

Regular meetings will help your staff to better interact with each other because they will be better able to relate to each other as people. In addition, it teaches your employees how to more effectively communicate their problems and feelings. The more communication your staff members and management have, then the better and more inclusive your workplace will be for everyone. For assistance with diversity trainings, talk to a professional like DiversityInc.