Tips To Help You Avoid Discrimination Lawsuits When Hiring Employees

Posted on: 22 October 2015

Discrimination in the workplace is a topic that is often in the news, and this issue can make the hiring process slightly more difficult for employers. If you are an employer and want to hire the best people for the jobs you have available, you may need to take some extra steps to make sure that you do not discriminate against those that apply for the job openings. Here are some steps to help you with this. 

Use Clear And Descriptive Job Descriptions

If you want to avoid being sued for discrimination, you will need to make sure you use clear job descriptions that are extremely descriptive. By doing this, you can eliminate the applicants that do not meet the qualifications you are looking for. This is essential if you want to avoid a discrimination lawsuit.

For example, if someone tries to state that you did not hire him or her because of color, race, or sexual orientation, your defense will be clear. You can simply state that this person did not meet the qualifications you were looking for, and you could prove this by comparing the job description to the person's resume.

Hire An Employment Screening Company

Another way you can protect yourself against this problem is by hiring a company that offers employment screening services. Companies that offer these services will thoroughly investigate an applicant's history, and this may give you important information to help you decide whether or not to hire the person.

Employment screenings often include:

  • Criminal history – If an applicant does not disclose criminal history, yet it is discovered during the screening process, you can use this information to back up your reasons for passing on hiring this person.
  • Educational history – Some applicants lie or misconstrue details about their education, but an employment screening will reveal the truth about this.
  • Job history – Screenings can also reveal details about a person's job history.

Knowing these things can be beneficial for you as an employer for several reasons. The first reason is to determine if the person really has the skills you are looking for, and the second reason is to find out if the person was honest with you.

By taking these steps during the hiring process, you can have the ability to find the right employees for the job positions you need to fill. In addition, these steps also provide you with protection that may help you avoid discrimination lawsuits from people that applied for job openings with your company. To learn more about this process, contact a company that offers employment screening services.