3 Tips For Writing A Business Proposal

Posted on: 11 May 2016

Heavy competition from other businesses means that you have to sometimes take extraordinary measures to stand out. Part of that is ensuring that your business proposal accurately pinpoints a potential client's problems, how you can fix it, and what your price is. Unfortunately, if your proposal is not well put together, a client could reject the notion of using your business. Here are some tips to ensure your proposal is top-notch.     

Look Beyond the Client's Words

Some clients are very specific about what they require. Others might not be as clear. Regardless of how much information you receive from the client, you sometimes need to look beyond the client's words to accurately pinpoint its needs. 

For instance, if the client needs help with getting more sales through its website, you have to determine exactly why the site is not drawing buyers and what can be done to boost those sales. The solution could be as simple as redesigning the website or putting more into customer service and advertising. 

Use Proposal Software

Creating a business proposal can be a laborious process that takes a considerable amount of time to complete. Your proposal though is only as good as its visual layout. If your proposal is visually unappealing, this could reflect poorly on your business. 

To ensure that your proposal is visually appealing and orderly, use proposal software. Software programs not only can help ensure your proposal is well-organized, but it can also make it easier to put it together. 

In the program, various templates are available from which you can choose. You can include graphics, such as your company's logo, charts, and tables. Graphics can break up blocks of text and help your client better understand what you are offering. 

Do Not Forget the Basics

It is easy to get so involved in creating an appealing layout and selling your business, that you forget the basics. Basics, such as good grammar, help to sell your business and its services or products. 

If you submit a proposal that is poorly written, the client could assume that your business does not care about quality. Before submitting the proposal, re-read it. In fact, ensure that the proposal is reviewed in its entirety by several people. If necessary, hire a professional proofreader to read the proposal.

Creating a proposal that works can be challenging, but it is necessary for your business to grow. By working on perfecting your proposal, you can be sure that your clientele grows.